This page is all about what I am planning on doing in the not too distant future. As I get to them, they’ll leave here and appear on my now page. It was last updated on December 21, 2022.

Where I will be

  • Athens, early January 2023, for the B-52’s final concert of their farewell tour
  • Las Vegas, mid-January, for my employer’s annual all-hands gathering
  • Atlanta, late January, for Inuhele, Atlanta’s annual Tiki Weekend. I’m on the staff there and it’s loads of fun
  • Atlanta, early February, for the Atlanta Steampunk Exposition. I love this crowd. The theme this year is “steampunks in space” and I’m really looking forward to it.

What I will be reading

What I will be watching

  • The Rings of Power. As much of a Tolkien nerd as I am, it’s shocking I didn’t watch these as they came out, but my plate was full. This has risen near the top now.

What I will be playing

  • Gloomhaven. My copy arrived shortly after the pandemic started and it’s just been sitting here. I really want to play it so I just need to decide if I’m going solo or if it’s time to find a party to play with me.
  • Etherfields. I kickstarted this game shortly before the pandemic and it only recently arrived. I have friends in mind I want to play it with.
  • Sleeping Gods. Another pandemic arrival that I need to either just play solo or find a group to play with.