This page is all about what I am doing now. It was last updated on January 7, 2023, and will be edited as things change.

Where I am now

Living in Athens, GA in a home I had already been renting for five years before my partner and I bought it several months into the pandemic.

Who I am around now

Our house has three people and three cats. The people include me, my partner, and my youngest daughter who spends every other week with us. My eldest child moved away to Georgia State University in the fall of 2022, something I’m still processing.

The cats like to keep me company while I’m working, so you’ll find plenty of photos of them in my gallery.

What I am doing now

I’m on the management team and am a senior developer at Infinity Interactive. In practice, that means I get loaned out to companies who need some help building great software. I just wrapped up a two-year-long stint helping a DNA foundry build the software that tracks everything in their lab. Now I’m helping a biotech robotics company get their new flagship robot out the door.

What I am reading now

The Nova Incident by Dan Moren

What else?

Checkout the /now page movement started by Derek Sivers. You can get a profile if you set up a /now page. /now — so many people doing stuff in the now!