It was a day full of good things. Here they are, in chronological order:

  • read two chapters of Dan Moren’s book “The Bayern Agenda” while drinking coffee in the hot tub before work
  • the things that didn’t work in my new project yesterday started working
  • attended my first standup with my new teammates
  • ate a delicious chicken pot pie for lunch
  • returned a library book that was six years overdue and wasn’t charged a fine
  • voted in the senate runoff election
  • got a delicious dirty spiced chai
  • installed gitea at and initialized a repo for Advent of Code
  • made buffalo chicken legs for dinner
  • took my youngest to their first rehearsal of a neighborhood brass band based on a poster I saw stapled to a telephone pole
  • ate leftover pecan pumpkin pie
  • watched several episodes of Taskmaster and had quite a few good laughs

A good day indeed.

Postscript: It occurred to me right after posting that this could have been titled “Is the ketamine working? Signs point to yes.” More on that later, no doubt.